Unmasked 2017!


We are so thankful for all God did at Unmasked 2017 in Spokane. Many, many people heard truth and testimonies about God’s plan for sexuality and His ability to heal and restore all who have been broken by sexual sin. Below are a few of the topics addressed at the conference:


We were blessed to hear the message summarized below from Bryan Pue (pictured here with members of Lifeline Canada who came from Abbotsford, BC, for the conference):  There's no doubt that we live in a pornographic culture. Everything from arts to media to marketing is feeding an ideology of sexual immorality. This current of seduction has pulled down many within our generation resulting in broken lives, dreams, and destinies. At times the situation seems hopeless. Is there a way to escape it, let alone change it? The answer is, “Yes!” It starts when Jesus touches our lives. Like many other areas of sin, we tend to put more trust in our human ability to overcome rather than the empowering grace of God in our lives. In Luke 7 a young man was being carried away in a coffin. When Jesus touched the coffin, this young man sat up and spoke up. That is the hope for our day. No matter how deeply our coffin is loaded with guilt and shame, one touch from Jesus brings forth new life.


Sarah Miller from Kennewick, Washington, shared this testimony: Having been raised in Christian homes with stay-at-home moms, my husband Zach and I thought life was as simple as getting married and living our dream. He was the farmer, and I was the wife and mom at home. With every child, joy and blessing came into our home, but life felt empty and never seemed without strife and marital struggle. We battled on, not quite getting victory over pornography, distrust, loneliness, and the giants of fear and depression. In our search for answers, we attended an Unmasked conference and our eyes were opened to keys of victory for us personally, in our marriage, and as parents. We have since read all of Jim’s and Lisa’s books, listened to all the messages Lifeline Ministries has to offer, and have given them away more times than we can count. Lisa's book Not Just a Mom has brought tremendous healing, vision, and breakthrough to many of my mom-friends and me. We love to share this message of hope wherever we are because we believe it is what this broken world needs!


Jim interviewed newlyweds Nick and Michaela Underwood about their pre-marriage relationship. Having come from two very different backgrounds, (Nick from drugs, alcohol, and immoral relationships and Michaela from an almost pure church background), they decided on a pre-marriage course of waiting for their first kiss until the altar. Video sets from Unmasked conferences III, IV, and V include more interviews with couples about their relationships—relationships that greatly counter the dating system of the world. These conference messages are available from our bookstore at www.lifeline-ministries.org.

Photos below highlight the great time we had in worship, our first LIVE broadcasted conference, releasing of individual testimonies, and seeing hundred of lives restored and healed!
Amazing worship!
1st \
Individual Testimony Being Released!
Incrediable Healing Released
Thank you, again, for partnering with us and helping us to release God's truth through the Unmasked message!

In His Service,

Keep your eyes open for LifelineNews May edition, where we highlight "Cristoval" in Brazil...

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