Training Our Sons... Part 2

Bryan and Bonnie Pue are doing an amazing job of training their young sons about sexuality and becoming pure men of God. The following is a continuation from April's LifelineNews!

Training Our Sons (Part 2)...

6. Teachable Moments:

Provocative Pictures: As the boys colored one day, we discovered provocative pictures of Cat Woman. I asked the three older boys (ages 3-5), "What are the designers of this picture trying to make you notice—her body or who she is as a person?" They answered easily, “Her body.” I explained that this was a part of the false-god system, and that we have a chance to be like Gideon and tear down those high places. Subsequently, we went through the book and tore out every seductive picture. Only one picture simply showed her face. We kept that one.

Cosmopolitan Sightings: My six-year-old noticed a Cosmopolitan magazine in the doctor’s office. To be honest, the cover-girl was not even dressed or posed that badly, but Samuel said, with compassion in his voice, "Oh no! She has been tricked." I affirmed his observation, and we talked once again about the reality behind the Unmasked image.

Women’s Summer Attire: At the water slides one summer, our boys were shocked at seeing the scantily clad women. We reminded them that we needed to see the women’s hearts as God did and then encouraged them to focus on the women’s faces and eyes instead of their bodies.

Victoria’s Secret: Recently, we happened to be right across from La Senza and Victoria’s Secret, both boasting huge images of women in lingerie. I quickly called a "team meeting" and asked the boys to avert their eyes as we walked past. I reminded them that God made women beautiful, but that the enemy has tricked us into thinking that “outside pretty” is what is most important. They worked very hard to obey my instructions. We later had a family discussion about the incident at dinner.

Unmasked Teachings: As I read Unmasked one day, Micah joined me on the couch. He asked about the meaning of a highlighted sentence that spoke of a father's responsibility to watch over the heart of his daughter. I explained that young men often want to be around women solely because they are beautiful. It’s a dad’s job to insure that a guy is interested in who a girl is as a person, not just interested in her body. I said, "We don't have any daughters, but Dad and I will be watching to be sure you and your brothers respect and protect girls." He solemnly responded, "I'm going to protect girls, too.”

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