Jeremy's Unmasked Story


Meet Our Support Team: Matthew and Jenny...

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Why Women March

Lifeline Ministries is transitioning to SexualityUnmasked. And the monthly LifelineNews will now be UnmaskedMovement (Same Message of Truth, Healing, and Restoration. If you have any questions please call: 509-844-7158) 


A Father's Valuable Perspective...

As we celebrate Father’s Day this month, we want to share some insightful words from Sean Allen, an amazing father of six:  

Leading up to the Women's March in Washington D.C. this year, I felt frustrated, angry, and stirred. I kept wondering, “What exactly is your issue?

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Brazil & "Cristavol" Youth Camp



The month of March found Jim, Jason, and Sean Allen (a long time supporter and father of six) in Altamira, Brazil, in the Amazon jungle basin on the banks of the Xingu River. At the invitation of Steve & Elba Dolan, they ministered to the Portuguese-speaking people of that region at a youth camp, family conference, and leadership training time. Some highlights of their trip:

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Unmasked 2017!

Implementing the Unmasked Message...

Implementing the Unmasked Message...

Changing Nations

Steve Weber, pictured with wife Kristi, has been the head of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in Kiev, Ukraine, for the past 20 years, reaching eleven former Soviet Republics with the Gospel. He is an enthusiastic advocate of the message we carry. Not only has he invited us to minister in Ukraine numerous times, but he also spearheaded and funded the translation of our Unmasked book into Russian, which is now being distributed in these Russian-speaking nations.

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Thank You!

Thank you!

LifelineNews: December 2016


Your generous support has enabled us to sow God's message of truth, healing, and restoration all over the world this past year! Pictured here are some of the leaders with whom we have linked arms in 2016. They have opened the doors to allow us to break the silence on sexual issues in their churches and discipleship schools. As a result, many, many people have found a placing of healing and wholeness. We honor these leaders and the others they represent!

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Hail Canada Pt 2

Hail, Canada: Part 2…

In this newsletter we are continuing to feature Canadians for whom we are very grateful. In June we highlighted two pastors who warmly embrace our message. Now we will highlight two women who have contributed greatly to our ministry.
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Hail Canada...

Honoring Canadian Pastors

Canada has proven to be very fertile ground in which to sow our message. Two churches, in particular, have thrown open their doors to us over the years. Pastors Mitch and Bonnie Borrows have welcomed our message into HillCity Church of Abbotsford, BC, for the last 12 years. Similarly, Pastors Lorne and Linda Lueck of CityLife Church in Chilliwack, BC, have invited us to minister for 17 years. Not only have they opened their pulpits to us, but we have also been asked to minister to their men, women, young adults, youth, recovery groups, discipleship schools, and Christian school (CityLife Church.) The result has been that our message has been leavened into their whole church body.

When asked to explain why they have invited us to minister year after year after year, here are their responses:
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