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We recently ministered in Cali, Colombia, at the invitation of Ruth Ruibal (pictured below with Jim, Jason, and Loise), wife of slain Colombian revivalist Julio Ruibal. Upon reading Unmasked after a visit to the United States, Ruth knew that her country needed this message. She shared the following report after our time there: 


Partner Today Release: Truth, Healing, & Restoration


Impacting sons and daughters I arrived home from Canada in mid-January, the day before Jim Anderson (author of Unmasked) and his teammate Jason Cisco arrived. Their ten days of ministry far outweighed my unpacked suitcases that sat in my room for those days. Jim and Jason spent multiple days ministering to all of our high school students. They taught the young men about God’s design for them to be protectors and not predators of the women in their lives. The young women learned that their value does not depend upon their sexuality, but on whom they are as beautiful daughters of the King, needing protection, permanence, and commitment from the men in their lives. 

One of the young students told his mother, “Mom, you don’t need to worry about me. I know that I am made to be a protector and not a predator.” Four boys in sixth grade committed their lives to the Lord with a deeper understanding of what that means.

Impacting teachers and parents… Jim and Jason taught the teachers as well. They spoke on the importance of healing for those teachers themselves who had been hurt from inappropriate touch and actions against them in childhood. As a result, students and teachers received healing in this area. We are now working to incorporate these teachings into our curriculum. Jim and Jason also ministered to the parents of the school children. Dads learned the importance of giving time and attention to their daughters through Jim’s phrase: “A hug a day keeps the bad boys away.” Many parents also found healing from their difficult pasts.

Impacting men and married couples… In their meetings with the men and married couples of the church, the Lord moved in wonderful ways. Many of these people had suffered abuse as children by family friends or parents; some had never known a father; and others had come from dysfunctional homes. The healing received by many will help them be better mothers, fathers, wives, and husbands in their homes. 

Future impact… We want them back! These were transforming days of ministry, and we have invited them back in the fall of 2018.

Partner Today Release: Truth, Healing, & Restoration
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