Hail Canada Pt 2

Hail, Canada: Part 2…

In this newsletter we are continuing to feature Canadians for whom we are very grateful. In June we highlighted two pastors who warmly embrace our message. Now we will highlight two women who have contributed greatly to our ministry.

Heidi Karlsson: The Behind-the-Scenes Collaborator of Unmasked


“It all started with me sending a $5 cheque every month to Lifeline Ministries during my Master’s Commission year, and now I have my name on the front cover of the Unmasked book.
At first, Pastor Jim’s message was maddening. I didn’t want to be a princess. I was fine being an aggressive, self-sufficient, self-protective female. But Pastor Jim pointed out over and over again that I guaranteed the destruction of my dreams if I didn’t let my ‘daughter heart’ live.
In our conversations Jim challenged me on what it means to be a woman, to be a blessing to the men around me, to trust God with who I was, and to let the world see the real me instead of hiding. I was usually angry and defensive in our talks but hung in there because I knew what he was saying was true. I just needed more time to get there.
In the midst of this process, I volunteered to help write his book. I moved to Spokane and listened to and transcribed Jim’s messages. Pulling all of his sermon notes together, I tried to put them in a logical, sequential order. I put together a web site. I called all over the states to set up a “cyber team” for Lifeline, connecting people of like hearts and minds. I watched. I listened. I wrote. I argued. And I changed.
That was ten years ago. I’m married now with four kids and new challenges. I’m so far from where I was then. Every once in a while something will come up in our marriage and because of how well it works out, my husband Joel will say, ‘I think I’m going to call Jim and thank him for his influence in your life.’
I’m privileged and grateful to be part of a message that is so life-giving and life-changing.”
Pictured above: Joel, Heidi, and their four children, who live in Abbotsford, BC.


Sarah Mejia: The Unmasked cover designer

When I was first given the title for Unmasked, I had no idea how significant it would be or how far this message of healing from sexual brokenness would reach. I was designing a poster for our church’s conference without the faintest idea that it would become the focal image for a message that is breaking through barriers of language, culture, and religion to bring healing to generations of broken people.
I love that I can’t really take credit for anything since throughout the entire process—from start to finish—the Holy Spirit was in charge. At the time the project was presented to me, I had only a couple of years of graphic design under my belt, and my skills were not at a level where I could have produced anything remotely close to the Unmasked image. The entire time I worked I could tangibly feel the presence of God surrounding me while I created. At the end of each design session, I would sit back in complete amazement, seeing an image forming that I naturally did not have the skills to produce.

I am so thankful I’ve been able to play a small part in what God is doing as He brings revival, healing, and restoration to generations of people around the world.
Sarah and her husband Jaime live in Abbotsford, BC. Sarah is on staff at HillCity Church, where her parents, Mitch and Bonnie Borrows, serve as senior pastors.

Thank you, Heidi and Sarah! Because of your hard work and willingness to serve our vision, thousands and thousands of people are being ministered to through the message of Unmasked. It couldn’t have happened without you. We pray great blessing on you and your families!

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