February 2014 - Long-Term Fruit & Envisioning Moms


I first heard Jim Anderson 11 years ago while in the Master’s Commission in Kirkland, Washington. I was 25 years old and had moved from England five years prior to that with the usual unbeliever’s story. Barely a Christian, “red flags” started to surface in my soul as I sat through Jim’s teaching...

I suddenly became aware of sexual sin imbedded in my way and in the way of the culture I was saturated in. I saw the true depths of my sin, the shameful wanting of my character, and the deceitfulness of my heart in this area. These held me back from becoming the man I knew I must become. Sexual sin now became utterly detestable to me.

There is a specific sin hidden in a culture that is the root of many other sins. When it is revealed, our hearts blush and cringe in exposure of it. The message Jim Anderson preaches about the cultural sexual assault on women and the role of men to be fathers who address that assault is that message. The reformer Martin Luther said, "Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proven, and to steady on all the battlefields besides is merely flight and disgrace if he flinches at that one spot." When I stand before God I want to be able to say that I fought in the war of my own time, that I wrestled the sin and idol that God specifically exposed. For me and our modern Western culture, I can say with confidence that this idol of sexuality is the enemy we are called to fight. It would be a disgrace to neglect it.

I am now 36, married to Lori, and have four children—two beautiful daughters and two sons. Their lives have been shaped more than I can grasp by that message I heard 11 years ago. I made a decision to invest in Lifeline Ministries on a regular basis because I feel even more strongly today as a father what I felt back then: that there is not a more poignant and relative message we need in our culture and in this time than what the Andersons are preaching.  

Leon Steward, Texas


Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18).

They will rebuild the ancient ruins… raise up the former devastations… repair the ruined cities (Isaiah 61:4).

Now available is a leader’s packet for hosting a mom’s group utilizing Lisa’s new book Not Just a Mom. Lisa did just that with a great group of moms this fall. Some are pictured here, and following are a few of their testimonies:

"Not Just a Mom changed my whole perspective on being a stay-at-home mom and sacrificing for my children. The feeling of missing out on life is completely gone."  —Anya

"I now feel important and valued as a mom and homemaker knowing I’m directly affecting the basic building block of society—the family."  —Cassie  

"I can now stand against the lies of the enemy and culture that say a stay-at-home mom is wasting her life. I am confident I’m affecting history and God’s kingdom."  —Danielle

"I have new vision for my calling and am now enjoying each day with my children—not just wanting them to grow up quickly."  —Heidi

"We are constantly bombarded with the world’s view that stay-at-home moms contribute very little to society and the family. Not Just a Mom debunks this lie with biblical truth and gives worth back to moms from every angle."  —Jackie

"The message of Not Just a Mom has given value to my daily tasks in caring for my family and household. I have new vision for my calling and feel so encouraged and strengthened!"  —Meghan

"I feel validated in my calling as a mom. I'm doing His will in this calling on my life and loving it!"  —Sarah

THE LEADERS’ PACKET consists of the Not Just a Mom book and audio book—order both on our Bookstore! As a group, listen to 2 chapters per week and use end-of-chapter questions for discussion. Encourage moms to read the chapters at home prior to each meeting.

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