Courtship Recommended Reading List

  • When God Writes Your Love Story by Ludy
  • Dating vs Courtship by Jehle
  • Her Hand in Marriage by Wilson
  • Boy Meets Girl by Harris
  • 5 Love Languages by Chapman
  • Love and Respect by Eggerichs
  • Telling Each Other the Truth by Backus

Courtship Resources

Relationships 1 & 2 CD Set - In the midst of the disappointing and devastating dating system of the world, we need a godly alternative. Jim Anderson offers a biblically based alternative in this two-message set. He teaches key principles you can apply in walking out a God-honoring relationship with a potential marriage partner: purity, protection, communication, honor and accountability, and witness. Through biblical revelation and personal testimony, he offers “husband and wife training” that is applicable to both singles and those who are married.

Refrigerator Tract PDF - Why I won't buy my refrigerators from the broken-refrigerator factory and why you shouldn't either!

Butterfly Boys Interruption Signs PDF - The following is an entertaining and informative synopsis of a conversation between Jim and a group of young adult men about guy/girl relationships. Enjoy!

Courtship Testimonies

"And there were never any guarantees that this was fool proof. Dad was clear to Ben that he did not need to feel like having started a courtship, he was stuck for life. He let Ben know a number of times that if he was starting to have second thoughts, he was welcome to back out without any black clouds hanging over him. And I had the same freedom. It would have been tough if either of us backed out – but we knew that courtship wasn’t engagement, and it certainly wasn’t marriage."  READ BEN & REBECCA'S FULL STORY

"The Holy Spirit was our teacher and guide during the whole process of our relationship. One principle that we valued was guarding each other’s hearts. Since courtship was a time to prove if we were meant to marry or not, we didn’t want to do things that would unnecessarily tug on our hearts or emotions. We wanted to be able to think clearly and not be solely tangled up in romance or emotions."  READ BONNIE & BRYAN'S FULL STORY

"As teens, Christopher and I were both extremely promiscuous and had a long history of broken-heartedness when we each met Jesus within a few months of each other in 2002. I didn’t think I could find love anymore through relationships, and I didn’t see myself ever getting married. From a similar lifestyle, and steeped in the knowledge that he had used so many girls, Christopher became depressed and suicidal. In these states, Jesus reached out and rescued us from our sins. Both of us stopped dating and."  READ CHRISTOPHER & ELINE'S FULL STORY

"As we hung out with the same group of young adults, we began to take notice of one another. Dan went to my father to let him know that he wanted to pursue a relationship with me. This initial conversation ended in a definite, “No!” from my dad."  READ DAN & JESSICA'S FULL STORY

"We honored our parents in two different ways. We were open and honest both individually and together with our parents about our desires, frustrations, and feelings. We set guidelines for each stage of our relationship as it progressed. We honored our parents by letting them be a part of the whole process."  READ LEE & JULIE'S FULL STORY

"Sean and I have been married for three-and-a-half years. We have three children less than three years of age, our first being a honeymoon baby. Needless to say, we hit the ground running once we said, “I do.” One thing we know for sure: the time we spent preparing for marriage has made all the difference in our relationship today."  READ SEAN & RONA'S FULL STORY


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