Brazil & "Cristavol" Youth Camp



The month of March found Jim, Jason, and Sean Allen (a long time supporter and father of six) in Altamira, Brazil, in the Amazon jungle basin on the banks of the Xingu River. At the invitation of Steve & Elba Dolan, they ministered to the Portuguese-speaking people of that region at a youth camp, family conference, and leadership training time. Some highlights of their trip:


To counter the demonically-influenced national celebration of Carnival—a celebration of carné: the flesh—which occurred at the same time as the youth camp and is their nation’s version of our Mardi Gras, they named their youth camp Cristoval—a celebration of Christ. To accommodate all the youth that came they slept in hammocks. (Pictured to the left is the boy’s dorm!)
The response of the youth to our message was amazing in light of how much spiritual resistance we encountered in the spirit. When an altar call was made the first night for those who were dealing with sexual shame and secrets, almost all of the young men responded. They later formed a semi-circle around the tent and held up their arms as a symbol of protection for the women. Many of the girls came forward and wept in the presence of God.


Because of her responsibilities, the woman in charge of the youth camp hadn’t been able to respond at that camp to our message. Thankfully, she was able to respond at the family camp to an altar call about being molested as a young girl, and there she sobbed for half an hour. She later testified, “I’ve been waiting for this healing for ten years!”


Elba came from a poor, fatherless family in Brazil and worked as a maid in the home of Christian missionaries. There she got saved and later attended a Vineyard Bible school in America. Upon graduation, she was told, “You have it made. You don’t have to go back to your impoverished country.” She replied, “I have to go back. That is why I was given this great privilege.” Six new churches have been planted in their city, plus numerous others up and down the river as a result of her and Steve’s labor of love.


Many cities of 1,500-20,000 people are located on the Xingu River and are only accessible by boat. In 2018 Pastor Elba wants to gather leaders from all the churches they have planted on the river and have us sow our message into their lives. We count it a great privilege to be invited to do so and look forward to this opportunity.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Lifeline. We are truly honored. And look to next month's LifelineNews for some more exciting testimonies and opportunities to partner with us!

In His Service,
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"Cristoval" Youth Campers (above)

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