August 2014 - Impacting South Africa & Why We Have 5 Children


We are missionaries in South Africa where it is uncommon to see families with more than two children. With our five, we are influencing the culture around us...


Gert and Molly Roet are serving with Operation Mobilization in South Africa.(Pictured above is their current team.) The Roets have the privilege of overseeing the ongoing discipleship within the OM team and will soon move ahead with plans to start their own discipleship base. Following is their testimony of the need for the Unmasked message in South Africa as well as the fruit of the message within their community.

Immediately upon beginning our work in South Africa, we realized the great need for revelation and healing in the area of relationships and sexuality in the lives of our students. A biblical foundation was needed to deal with the sexualization of not only South Africa, but also these young missionaries’ home countries of Germany, England, and Papua New Guinea.

As we studied each chapter of Unmasked, new revelation and understanding opened our eyes on a personal and corporate level. Each young man and woman was challenged with issues such as being a predator vs. a protector, modesty, misuse of a nurturing spirit, and the wide area of relationships and purity.

Very personally rewarding for us was to see the transformation of minds and hearts regarding the issue of courtship/intentional friendships (biblically based relationships). When we first broached the subject, we were humored, but no one was interested in seriously considering an alternative to the world’s system of dating. But as the revelation unfolded, a majority of our group soon came to a point of wholeheartedly embracing and desiring to implement these principles in their own future relationships.

As a result of the truth, we witnessed the healing of broken hearts; healing and deliverance from past abuse, trauma, and rejection; freedom from shame; men rising up to their position of leadership and protectors in the area of sexuality; and overall revelation of God's plan for couples to unite in marriage.

Jim Anderson's message in the book Unmasked is desperately needed throughout all nations of the world. Its message is applicable in third-world countries as well as westernized nations. Our first mandate as believers is to spread the gospel in all corners of the earth and make disciples of all nations. The Unmasked message is a powerful and anointed tool to bring healing, deliverance, and restoration to individuals and cultures as we carry out this mandate.


Why We Have 5 Children (and are open for a 6th) by Molly Roet

An interesting question came up in our small group discussion: How can we influence our culture? “If you don’t pro-actively influence the culture, the culture will influence you.” (Jim Anderson, Unmasked) While there are many effective ways to influence the culture around us, we’ve discovered that one of the most significant ways to do that is through our family.

Early in our marriage, I had a terrible fear that I would get pregnant! I felt clumsy and awkward around babies and children and was certain I would be a terrible mother. Yet God’s Word told us that... Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them (Psalms 127). Confronted with God’s truth, we stepped out in faith and said, “Yes!” to the blessing of children. We have since been blessed with five beautiful children.

Most people stop and count our kids, ask if they are all mine, and comment on the fact that we only have one son. I usually don’t mind at all and look at it as an opportunity to speak words of life over the vocation of motherhood and the blessing of children. It was when we packed up to leave the beach one day that I knew we were influencing our culture through our children. Someone thoughtfully left a condom for me on my diaper bag, as if to say, “Don’t you know you can do something about this?” After I recovered from the shock of it, I recognized the flurry of lies so prevalent in culture today.

The earth is not overpopulated. We are not running out of resources. The world will end when every nation, tribe, and tongue has heard the Gospel and not before that—no matter what the global-warming alarmists preach. God has mandated us to raise up a righteous generation, to be fruitful and multiply, and to pass on the knowledge of His glory and goodness to the next generation.

We are missionaries in South Africa where it is uncommon to see families with more than two children. With our five, we are influencing the culture around us—not only in Africa, but also in the culture of world missions where missionaries are often discouraged from having larger families. It certainly isn't practical, requires additional funding, and takes precious time away from “ministry.” However, we have come to see our children as our first and most important ministry.

After 13 years in ministry, our most fruitful and life-giving ministry has not been our preaching, teaching, counseling, service projects, friendship evangelism, or short-term outreaches. Instead, more lives have been changed, influenced, healed, and ministered to through time spent in close fellowship with our family than through any other means. People observe, learn, and are healed through the dynamics of a godly marriage and intentional parenting. Families—husbands, wives, and children walking in submission to the cross—are shaking the earth and opening the way for true revival in the brokenness of the nations. (Shortly after writing this article, Gert and Molly announced that they are happily expecting their sixth child!)

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