April 2014 - Restoration & A Word From Jim


Even though it’s been 10 years since we first heard Jim Anderson’s message as students in the Master’s Commission, it feels like yesterday. After a week of teaching and an afternoon of ministry and prayer, I had a freedom in my spirit I’d never known before.

I come from generations of dysfunction, abuse, divorce, addiction, and broken parent-child relationships (since broken parents raising children results in broken children.) I remember specifically thinking, I don't know what it means to be a daughter. I did not want to be married because of the divorce I had seen and experienced in my family. I saw nothing of value in myself to offer anyone in marriage. And because of the lack of mothering I had received and my lack of relationship with my mom, I didn’t think I would ever be a mom.

Even as Christians, Jon and I were not free from the shame of our pasts—shame that came from our upbringing and choices we had made as young adults in relationships. We were insecure and really didn't know what our identities were in Christ as a son and daughter.

Jim’s message gave us keys to unlock the shame of our pasts. God brought freedom that is now enabling us to raise our own family with wholeness and purity. We are restored. The freedom I have found through Jim’s message is also beginning to turn around generations of brokenness in my family. Through traveling with Jim to Romania and by sharing his book Unmasked, many conversations have opened up with family members.

Jon and I have been married for eight years now and have been blessed with four children. Each time we hear Jim’s message we are reminded and encouraged that our children will not know the shame we carried. We are grateful to the Lord for the message He has birthed in the Anderson’s hearts. Thank you!                                       

Tamara—Chilliwack, British Columbia

A Word from Jim

We love hearing testimonies like those of Jon and Tamara. The long-term fruit exemplified by their lives is what we long to see—restored lives translated into healthy marriages and generational influence.

Jon and Tamara were blessed to receive healing and restoration because their pastors, Lorne and Linda Lueck of City Church in Chilliwack, British Columbia, have openly welcomed our message of sexual purity, healing, and restoration for well over a decade. Year after year after year we have been privileged to sow this message into their church culture. Not only have we ministered in their discipleship school, but we have also been welcomed into their Christian school, young adult and youth ministries, men’s meetings, and Sunday morning services. As a result, this message of truth and restoration has been allowed to influence their whole church culture.

Our message is much more effective if utilized as leaven that is allowed to leaven the whole lump of dough (the church) versus viewing it as one piece of the “message pie” that is served to the people on a one-time basis. When truth is sown many times over and healing is released layer by layer, lives are truly changed. As lives are changed, marriages and families are changed. Healthy marriages and families result in a healthy church. Without a healthy church, we will not see the revival we so desperately need.

The need for sexual healing and truth in the church is great. A discipleship school director recently told me that of the 11 girls in his program, three have had surgical abortions, two others have used the morning-after pill, and six were molested at an early age. Many are wounded from sexual sin. A youth group leader reported that the number one issue her students deal with is that of relationships and sexuality. In a church drug and alcohol recovery group I ministered to, every woman acknowledged having been sexually molested as a child. The sources of many marriage problems are sexual in nature: the shame and wounding of pre-marital sexual sin, abortion, infidelity, and pornography.

We are remiss as leaders if we ignore the issues surrounding sexuality as we shepherd God’s people. If we faithfully and frequently bring this issue to the forefront, people will get healed and restored. They will also receive the truth and revelation they need to walk out lives that are sexually pleasing to God. The very health of the church depends on it.

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